Our Engineers and Technicians

Our Engineers and Technicians have designed and managed the turn key implementation of multiple complete new production plants ranging in capacity from 8 to 40 tons per hour.  We have also designed and managed the installation of dozens of significant plant expansions.  This includes adding extrusion lines, dryers, packaging lines, baking lines, coating systems, pneumatic systems and many other processes.

Even quality contractors require a certain amount of familiarization in the special requirements of an individual customer.  Our broad based experience significantly reduces this familiarization effort.  We already know how to properly design and build meat handling systems, how to properly size hammer mills to achieve the fine grind production rates that are required, how to design freezer and refrigeration systems, how to properly handle finished product to reduce product damage once it is packaged.  Experienced in all types of packaging systems, whether sewn, poly, shrink, form/fill, pouch or cartoning.  We know how to layout warehouses for maximum storage efficiency, uncongested loading areas, ease of product flow and why infestation control is so important.  This experience even extends to less obvious design details.